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Using Google Maps Marketing for Your Dental Practice

What is Google Maps Marketing?

When we as consumers look for a new place to take our business we generally look to search engines to help. For example, if I wanted to find a new pizza place while on vacation, I could search ‘pizza near me’ and seconds later have a map with a number of recommended pizza places. This does not only apply to shopping, as many services rely on Google Maps to increase local exposure.

As a dentist, this means just the same. When patients are looking for a new dentist, they may search ‘dentists near me’ and if your practice doesn’t show up on the patients Google Map, then you may be missing out on potential business.



How Does It Work?

For practices that have a good local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, Google (specifically Google Maps) can play a critical role in a practice’s digital marketing strategy. For one, it’s important for your practice to be in the top few results with Google maps, as 92% of searchers do not look past the top three results on a given Google Maps search. When people search for businesses and services on Google, they get a short list of ads and a small group of services near them on Google Maps.

In order to take full advantage of Google Maps, your practice needs a good local SEO strategy to make sure your practice is recognized in the first few search results on the map.

How Can I Use Google Maps to Maximize the Growth of my Practice?

Marketing with Google Maps is very important given the fact that when people are looking for new dentists, they don’t actually know what they are looking for. That is why using Google Maps Marketing is crucial because it allows your practice to let potential patients know what and who they SHOULD be looking for.

Marketing with Google Maps is cost effective because it allows you to promote your practice specifically to people looking for dentists in your area.

Google Maps can also increase your practice’s visibility, as well as build consumer trust, both of which are vital in growing and expanding your practice.

How Can I Take Advantage?

Another great tool to be used in conjunction with Google Maps is Google My Business. Google My Business allows a listing to appear on Google when people search for your practice. Not only does it give the basic information about your practice (location, hours, contact information) but it also allows potential patients to see reviews of your practice. But most importantly, it includes a Google Maps link with a pin that lets them know where you are.

All of this is just part of what your practice may need to continue to grow in an expanding digital market. In order to attract new business, you need to be seen. Google Maps marketing and Google My Business are two tools that, in conjunction with a sound digital marketing strategy, can catapult your practice to the top of those Google search pages.