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Using Social Media to Market Your Dental Practice

Social media is not always the first thing that a dentist thinks of when they want to promote their practice, but it can be an effective platform to reach the public.

A wise dentist knows that by using social media he or she can answer consumer’s questions, share relevant material, provide links to the business, or even see a return on an investment made.

It is important to decide what you want to gain for your business through the use of social media. Perhaps you want to draw in some new patients, attract more online reviews or promote a special on a specific treatment. Once you know what your goal is, then consider how you want to accomplish it.

Creating Growth

To some, they believe that to have a lot of followers is all that matters, but in actuality having engaged followers is more important. If you have noticed a decrease in your followers lately, or a network platform that has not received a lot of growth, this is where you should focus some extra effort. Use a spreadsheet or an online tool to help you keep track of who is following your site, and the interaction you are receiving as a result.

Reaction to Your Practice or Site

Is the feedback you are receiving about your services or site negative, positive or neutral? Negative feedback is the most important to be aware of and you need to make sure to handle it with a helpful manner and offer to fix the problem of the consumer. Usually this negative feedback turns into positive feedback.

Treat any feedback you get appropriately, let the commentators know that you value their opinion and want to correct any issue or error made.

Google Analytics to Track Referrals and More

Some platforms provide your business or products with better results than others. Tools, such as Google Analytics, can show you results of who referred others to your site, how much time he or she spent on your pages and what links were clicked.

Examine it all together and look at the platforms you use and see if you are reaching your target outcome. If you are wondering if your media sites or services are working, examining the conversion rates can be a great indicator of whether a change is needed, or whether you should stick to what is already working.

Ultimately, you need to decide what is the most profitable for your business by trying out the different social network platforms and analyzing the results. Keep track of your efforts to help make social media marketing succeed for you and your business.