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VivioSites at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting!


Last week, a couple team members from VivioSites attended the 2015 Chicago Midwinter Meeting and we are pleased to say it was a great success! We rolled out our booth and premiered a new show special that was well received. Anthony and Alyssa had the pleasure of signing up many new practices.

Besides all of the new friends we made, we ran into many of our current clients that wanted to see what else we’ve been cooking up. We had a great time explaining how our social media management and advanced search engine optimization packages worked and how it can help them get even more new patients each month. We even revealed some plans for the future that are very exciting!

Each night, when the show ended, team VivioSites hit the streets of Chicago, looking for great food and a good time. What else did you expect? We hit up Giordano’s for some great Chicago-styled pizza, Goose Island brewery for some tasty beer and food, and ended our weekend with a trip to Chicago Firehouse Restaurant, a great steak place that made us wish we’d have gone there each night!

All in all, Chicago was a great trip and we can’t wait to go back next year!