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DPS Best Product Designation

VivioSites Dental Website Design Earns Dental Product Shopper “Best Product” Designation!

We are honored to announce that VivioSites dental website design has earned the prestigious “Best Product” designation by the Dental Product Shopper evaluators!

This is how the evaluation process works:

  • Each product is sent to 12 to 15 evaluators based on their declared areas of interest.
  • The evaluators use the product for at least 4 weeks, focusing on short-term criteria specific to that product.
  • At the end of the 4 weeks, each evaluator completes an evaluation form. (The form is compiled by the editorial staff and the editorial advisory board, in conjunction with the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s input helps to ensure the questions are relevant to the product, but is limited to prevent influencing the outcome of the evaluation.)
  • The final score for each product is determined by dentists’ or hygienists’ evaluation of each specific criteria they are given, as well as their overall satisfaction with the product. After the score is determined, each product is given a distinction based on its final score.

Dental Product Shopper has been evaluating products since their launch in 2007. Since then, they’ve evaluated thousands of products and to this day, only 228 have been designated a “Best Product”. VivioSites is pleased to be the newest member on that list.

As you can see in the score breakdown, VivioSites dental website design scored an impressive 4.7/5 overall, with many of the categories near perfect! The one blemish, if you can call a 4.3 a blemish, is the rating for their look and design of some of their options. Right after the evaluation came out, VivioSites announced their latest, most modern and responsive design yet! You can read more this new design option here. Dental Product Shopper Evaluation

The highest scoring sections, which were rated at nearly perfect scores, showcased how trustworthy the VivioSites staff is as well as their ability to go the extra mile to make the website look and perform at the highest level possible.

DPS Evaluation takeaways

To read the full evaluation, visit www.dentalproductshopper.com/evaluation/viviosites!