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Why Have a Website For Your Dental Practice?

Whether you have invested in a dental website or are thinking about it for your practice, you should understand the answer to this question. The answer lies in two simple things. First, a website should be converting traffic on your website into appointments. Secondly, a website should be truthfully and professionally depicting your dental practice. To make sure your website is checking off these boxes, here are five things to keep in mind.

Driving Digital Traffic and Displaying Your Practice

  1. Be Mobile Friendly—any successful website should have the capability to be accessed from all devices. Consistent screens on multiple devices allows clients to have easy access to your practice’s professional website from wherever they are. This makes appointments easier to come by and allows for more traffic on your site. Being mobile friendly also displays that you are keeping up with the latest technology and are passionate about what you do.
  2. Have Real Photos and Staff Information—one of the best way to secure patients and show off your practice is to establish trust and a sense comfort with those who visit your website. Allowing patients to get to know a little about the people that make up your practice allows them to relate with you and your practice, potentially giving you an edge against other practices they may know nothing about. Also, having real photos of your office and staff gives the patient an idea of where they are going, allows you to show off your office, and gives patients the ability to recognize someone when they come in. Again, all giving the patient a sense of comfort.
  3. Using the Home Page Effectively—utilizing the home page of your website is potentially the most important item on the list. This is how you are making the ‘first impression’ on the visitor of your site. Be sure to clearly and boldly display the name of the practice. It should also be clear exactly what type of practice you are (Family & Cosmetic, Orthodontist, Lab, etc.). Finally, a phone number and link to make an appointment should be easily accessible from the top of the home page. Every page, especially the home page, should have some type of call to action. This way, anyone who visits the site has the information readily available without having to navigate throughout the site to find it.
  4. Be Clear and Concise—don’t over complicate what you are trying to get across to those who are visiting your website. Emphasize what is important to you on the site in the in a way that is professional and easy to understand. When websites are wordy and too clinical, they can become boring and uninformative to visitors. In this case, less is more when trying to draw in patients and show off your services.
  5. Add Interactive Components—ensure your website is enhanced with interactive opportunities to draw people in and keep them coming back. This would include something such as a Q&A forum, social media links, write a review page, or a blog. These components differ from the constants that every website has and offers an opportunity for your practice to be unique while allowing patients and potential customers to engage. You will also be able to see what people are asking about and what they would like to see more/less of so you can adjust your practice accordingly.