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What is Google Analytics and how does it help your dental practice?


Google Analytics is a free tool that can be implemented into your website to generate detailed statistics about your website traffic, traffic sources, conversions, sales, and more. Simply put, analytics is the visual representation of your website’s activity. Analytics breaks down everything that happens on your site so you can understand it.

There are a lot of features to Google Analytics. I’m just going to cover the basics. When you register with analytics, you receive a tracking code from Google that you need to put in to the back end of your website. Analytics then starts to keep track of new and returning visitors. It tracks people by the keywords they use in search engines, advertisements they click on, Google AdWords, referral links, and more. Visitors are also tracked by geographic location, allowing you to see which town in your area is finding your practice more often.

The traffic sources tab shows you how visitors are coming to your site. They can search for you directly, where they type your web address into their browser or a search engine, or through referral traffic, which tells you which domains are referring traffic to your site. Search traffic is when people search general key words such as “dentist”, “cosmetic dentist”, or the name of your city to find your site. Google Analytics will compile all this information and break it down into percentages as well as easy to read charts for you to understand the activity on your site.


As this information comes in for your site, analytics starts to compile these statistics into graphs and trends that you can use to adjust your marketing and keyword strategy. If you’re getting a lot of traffic from one neighboring town but not the other, you can use this information to put more keywords and shift your search engine optimization focus slightly towards the other town, allowing both areas to find your website easily.

We’ve found that the best way to track your return on investment on your web presence is Google Analytics. Anyone can install it and begin using it to track. Wonder how many appointment requests and visitors are coming to your website? Of course you are. Now you know how to find that number.

To get Google Analytics, you’ll need to create an account and download it here: www.google.com/analytics.

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