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Dental SEO

Is Your SEO Company Doing it Properly?

Properly executed SEO allows for patients to find you and for you to grow your business in the right way.

But what constitutes “proper SEO?” Today, we will take a look at three things to consider when choosing an SEO company that will ultimately end up helping you out with your website presence and optimization:

  1. Making sure the optimization has a personal touch- linking your location to certain “keywords” you wish to optimize for is crucial in showing up high on search engine results pages. By just searching “cosmetic dentist” you can return millions upon million results, worldwide. If you happen to search “your location cosmetic dentist”- it can be a different story. Make sure you are working with a company that knows what you want to see more of. More implant patients? Check. More of a pull from this specific location 10 miles outside of town? Check. Get your monies worth and have the effort put into the optimization ACTUALLY benefit your practice.
  2. Using the right features- besides being linked to your location and needs, dentist SEO has expanded just beyond your main website in the past few years. Google especially (without 100% admitting it) has wished to see not only the use of their products online by your company, but solid interaction on the web in general. Having a VERIFIED Google Business/Maps listing, Google+ page, YouTube channel, Facebook accounts and more are all very important to your web ranking. Having all of this information updated and be accurate is also crucial to great optimization.
  3. Knowing the Company: unfortunately, as rapid as dentist SEO has spread, so has the number of horror stories. Fake or ineffective companies that pop up one day and are gone with your money the next. It may seem basic, but we have seen it too many times- so thought it was worth mentioning. Find a company that has an established online presence, reviews, clients that may be near you or that you could reach out to. Ask for examples, reports on work completed, and don’t allow for customer service that is lackluster. While one of these issues being a problem may be “bearable,” sometimes if they start to stack up, so does your bill- and your site presence and rank can see the opposite effect occurring.

VivioSites targets all of the above with our New Patient Finder service. Most importantly of all, VivioSites practices complete transparency in their SEO efforts. Want to see how your rankings were on a specific day? No problem. What work was performed last week? We will let you know.

Pull the curtain back on dentist search engine optimization…give your SEO wizards at VivioSites a call today at (800) 227-2513.