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Who is Stealing Your Patients?

In the online marketing world, dental practices have a variety of tactics at their disposal that can be used to distract, entice and engage patients. Even if you think you have a solid dental office website and SEO, some other practices may be getting more patients from online searches. This can be due to a variety of factors. Below are some lesser known tactics and tricks that your competition may be using, or that you can use to surpass them!

Adword Campaigners

If you haven’t been seeing the patient flow that you normally do, it could be due to your competition paying for Google Adwords. This paid service from Google helps promote businesses that may not be necessarily ranking well organically and helps their practice’s ad appear on page one. This can be a very viable, but still temporary option for doctors to try to increase their patient base.

Brand-Stealing Rivals

Some competitors try to navigate potential patients to their own site by utilizing similar names, content, or ads to try and redirect online users. Therefore, it is important to properly optimize your website and promote everything about your practice, both on the site and off, to make sure that it is extremely difficult to even utilize this sneaky tactic.

Profiled Doctors

Doctors featured on RateMDs, HealthGrades, Vitals and other doctor evaluation websites is another facet of the potential patient research process that may slip a doctor’s mind. If profiles are outdated, unclaimed or nonexistent, you can miss out on patients! Search your competitors and the doctors in your own practice and see how they stack up. It is also important to be mindful of your rankings to see what you can improve on regarding patient care, staff and your facility.

Active Facebook and Youtube Users

Are your social media pages up-to-date? Are you making posts regularly? This can affect your Google ranking and may persuade a patient to call your practice. Youtube videos that link back to your site are helpful as well. Having a video uploaded to the platform, such as an office tour Youtube video is a good route to utilize this option to reach more patients.

If you’re looking to always stay ahead of the competition, Viviosites makes sure all facets of your website and practice are promoted properly online. To get more information, please give us a call today at (800) 227-2513.