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Why Your Dental Website Needs a Great Mobile UI

Dental practice marketing today requires you to be internet savvy, to say the least. You must be aware of Google rankings, social media platforms, and SEO among other things.

Yellow Pages ads are almost a thing of the past. Not only do users search for dentists online, more than half of all internet searches happen on mobile devices.

More Searches Through Mobile UI

Smartphones are no longer a luxury. They are the norm. You can expect most potential patients to pick up their phone to search for anything rather than a computer. More people search Google from mobile devices than computers in the United States alone.

For this reason, mobile optimization for your website is a must-have rather than an option.

Mobile Users Respond to Visuals

People behave differently when using their mobile devices. A mobile UI relies on visual media, including short video along with images. Your website needs to be mobile-optimized with a rich visual design.

Users begin their search on mobile devices. So, they are logically going to engage more on a mobile website. Your dental practice website design should allow them to contact you. Visitors should also be able to set appointments with ease.

Mobile Optimization Includes Responsive Design

Your website should not only be mobile-optimized. It should have a responsive design that handles desktop viewing as well.

Responsive design means that the website appears differently to users depending on the type of device they are using.

Responsive website design adapts the layout to the type of screen. That may mean larger, easy-to-read text on a Smartphone, for example.

When users access your mobile website, they should find what they need right away, including contact information. Pages should load quickly..

Social Media Referrals

The bulk of consumers’ internet access is for social activities. Your marketing strategy no doubt includes social media marketing. (If it doesn’t, it should).

Your website should have the mobile optimization to greet visitors who enter your site via social browsing click-throughs from their phones.

Stand Apart with a Mobile Optimized Website

If your site isn’t mobile optimized, you may feel as though you are behind the curve. Luckily, that’s only a half-true statement.

Many websites, including those for dental practices, are not yet mobile optimized. Still other attempt mobile optimization but fall short when it comes to responsiveness.

If you optimize your website with a mobile UI, you’ll stand apart from those who remain below the curve.

Redesign Your Site With a Responsive Mobile-Optimization

The importance of mobile optimization is clear. If websites are not responsive, users are less likely to connect while browsing on their mobile devices.

Let yours be the welcoming, user-friendly mobile website that leads to new patient appointments. Optimizing your site for mobile is an easy way to immediately gain an edge.

If you would like information about designing a mobile UI for your dental practice, please contact us.